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Plantar Fibroma


A benign small nodule that grows on the bottom of the foot. This feels firm to the touch. This mass can remain the same size or get larger over time, or additional fibromas may develop. People who have a plantar fibroma may or may not have pain.

How did I get this?

The cause is unknown but thought to have a genetic component.

What can I do about it?

Wear appropriate comfortable footwear.

What help can I get for this?

  • Podiatrist for shoe padding or orthotic devices to relieve the pain by distributing the patient’s weight away from the fibroma.
  • Foot and ankle surgeon for surgical treatment to remove the fibroma if the patient continues to experience pain following non-surgical approaches.

When will it get better?

Return to unrestricted activity and shoe wear is in the one- to two-month range after surgery if measures are strictly followed.